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Global State Market Report

The shared services landscape continues to flourish as SSO leaders make aggressive commitments to improve their operating models. In a prospering industry, the race is on to design pioneering initiatives for an unmatched competitive advantage amongst competitors. With...

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How to Scale Robotics Successfully

As technology continues to progress in the workplace amongst industries, most have implemented their enterprise development initiative with robotic process automation. This large embrace of digitalization has urged shared services leaders to focus on scaling RPA...

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Interviews with the Top IA Professionals

Over the past 5 years, intelligent automation has changed the way we work driving new trends, obstacles, insights, and risks. We explore different corners of IA with some of our past speakers touching on points such as prioritizing problems before implementation, the...

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London Neurons Summer Party – Tuesday 28th May

All, Please come and join us for our 4th Anniversary Celebrations on Tuesday 28th May from 6:30pm Join this event and meet local professionals working in AI, Machine Learning and Data Science. We also get representation from VCs and Startups joining us too. This will...

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The Workforce Impact of AI in Government

Use of intelligent automation can lead to a surge in employee development but leadership must establish and reinforce the expectation that automation will augment the workforce. Augmenting the workforce will enable employees to spend more time on strategic initiatives...

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From Finance to Technology – TD Bank’s IA Strategy

TD Bank takes rank as Canada’s second largest bank and is the tenth-largest bank in North America. TD Bank focuses on retail banking, employs over 26,000 people and provides its services to about 25 million customers. Over the last five years, TD Bank has focused on...

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Canada and IA Applications

The digital development of AI, which is essentially machines assisting decisions and performing tasks that normally require human intelligence is used across various industries from technology to the public sector. These technologies help improve our lives by...

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AI @ Oxford

Every year we bring a group of outstanding data science practitioners to Christ Church, Oxford, for an advanced, intensive course on AI. Among our delegates are the current and past Kaggle champions. Due to the advanced nature of the content, many of our delegates are...

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Women in AI launches in Sydney Australia

Newly appointed Australian Ambassador for global organization Women in AI (WAI), Beth Carey, is launching the group in February in Sydney. With the theme ‘Shaping AI for Good’ it will be the first WaiTALK in Australia so people in the AI community can come along, find...

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Clinical and Medical Case Reports Conference 2019

Hi, I am connecting with you to check whether you would be attending as a speaker for the Clinical and Medical Case Reports Conference 2019 to be held Barcelona, Spain May 27-28, 2019. We take great pleasure in inviting you to the conference. We would be delighted to...

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