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Select a Premium Package

We have a number of premium packages you can add to your basic listing, including social media promotions, articles on our blog and distribution on our weekly newsletter. You can also benefit from wider distribution on our wider network of sites including and Neurons.AI.

Multiple Events per Year?

If you have multiple events to be listed within a year, let us know and we can look to offer a discount for multiple listings.

Customised Package

We are happy to work with you to tailor a package for your event listings and promotional requirements, P.O.A, Select the Customised package and we will follow up via email to discuss your specific needs.

Terms and Conditions for Listing Packages


  • All packages relate to a single event to be listed for a maximum of 12 months on this site, and as such an event relates to a specific instance of that event.
  • For recurring, annual events, any package is only valid for that specific year of package purchase, a renewal will be required to keep the listing for future years.
  • Listing on the Academic and Related Events pages are basic one bullet point entries.
  • Meetups listings can refer to the meetup group and not specific meetings, but listings will expire after 12 months.
  • All packages are annual, requiring renewal to continue to be listed.

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