Words of Wisdom From Our Speaker Faculty 

Since the late 80’s, the Shared Services Practice (SSP) in play have been recognized as an important strategy for cost base reduction, improving control, enhancing service levels, etc.

I believe SSP is a wholesome strategy to bring organizational change, an efficient work culture, continuous delivery and overall improvements.

Improve Your Organization’s Customer Experience By Utilizing the Three “O’s”(throughout the transition phase of your implementation):

  1. Orchestration – This is the strategy phase, where you size the consolidations and plan the execution. You will undergo a feasibility study on whether the SSP strategy will bring in value and benefit (or if it will be a fad).
  2. Outsource – By this I mean the execution. This practice should consider the operating unit as “customers” in providing capabilities and synergies.
  3. Optimization – This is where you continuously measure and control the transformation. The ultimate goal is increased efficiency and effectiveness in operations management.

To learn more about Mr. Rajagopal’s involvement at the upcoming summit, please click here.

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