Every year we bring a group of outstanding data science practitioners to Christ Church, Oxford, for an advanced, intensive course on AI. Among our delegates are the current and past Kaggle champions. Due to the advanced nature of the content, many of our delegates are senior industry leaders and decision makers with a lot of experience, many of them leading data science and AI teams or entire organisations. There are also many senior quants with decades of experience in finance, seeking to reposition towards AI.

The AI @ Oxford School

The lectures are given by leading academics, including Dr. Paul Billion and Prof. Matthew Dixon, and industry-leading practitioners from finance, insurance, medicine, engineering, and beyond.

Our condensed, intensive, interactive five-day course will take our delegates from a brief overview of the mathematical foundations to current state of research and industry practice in ML/AI.

In addition to covering the depths of the theory, we work through real financial, medical, and engineering datasets, showing how highly nontrivial and non-obvious information can be extracted from them. In finance, this leads to superior alpha and better execution. In medicine, this leads to saving lives and money.

Source: Shared.AI

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