Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become the hottest topics in business. An army of startups has been funded to pursue the commercial opportunities, whilst the bosses of big companies increasingly look to implement AI strategies at scale.
This has encouraged hopes of massive efficiency gains as machines learn to get ever better in their crunching of increasing volumes of data to understand what works. Yet at the same time, there have also been darker predictions, from machines taking all the jobs once done by humans (Bill Gates even wants to tax robots to slow down this shift) to possible existential threats to humanity.
Executives urgently need to develop a strategy to make their firm into a truly intelligent company. That means breaking through what now seems to be Peak Hype around AI to get to the still considerable reality.
  • Where is AI poised to make the biggest impacts soonest?
  • Where can it create significant new value?
  • Where will it mostly undermine existing business models?
  • What can be done to equip the company’s existing workforce to be able to make the most of those opportunities that are there, rather than merely see AI as a threat?
Join us at The Economist Event’s Innovation Summit 2018, on September 20th in London to network with leading innovators, policymakers and disruptive entrepreneurs for successfully embracing AI and machine learning to build a truly intelligent company. Now in its 8th year, the summit continues to run successfully in destinations such as Chicago and Hong Kong and is coming to Europe for the second time in September.
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Current speakers include:
  • Demis Hassabis, co-founder and chief executive, DeepMind
  • Jonas Huckestein, co-founder and chief technology officer, Monzo
  • Dhiraj Mukherjee, co-founder, Shazam
  • Nicole Eagan, chief executive, Darktrace
  • Morag Watson, chief digital innovation officer, BP 
  • Charlie Muirhead, chief executive and founder, CognitionX
  • Maja Pantic, research director, Samsung Artificial Intelligence Centre
  • Anne Boden, chief executive, Starling Bank
  • Ajay Bhalla, chief enterprise security solutions officer, Mastercard

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