TechNOVA: AI 2018is opening up the discussion between senior industry leaders from Sky, Santander, Lego Group, Lloyds Banking Group and more, who are sharing insight on how AI is transforming their industries.

The event is for people across all sectors and agenda topics include combining AI and IoT in maintenance, delivering a modern customer experience, the effect of AI in the workplace, maintaining the correct data strategy and much more.

Sky’s Decisioning Director will be joining us on the day to discuss how to identify areas for disruption, evaluating the use cases that will have the most impact on business and talking about how to use AI-driven analytics to evaluate areas where AI can drive improvement.

For a sneak peek on his thoughts on the transformative impact of AI, take a look at our interview with him below:

How important is AI going to become for your business in the next 5 years?

It will become increasingly important, but in most (targeted communications/interactions) cases it will allow us to gain the last 10-20% of opportunity, we need to make sure we have the data and systems to harness the first 80% first. It also depends on what you mean by AI – if you mean advanced, unsupervised machine learning algorithms, constantly seeking signals from customer behaviour for us to respond to to give a better experience – then very important. If AI for chatbots, assistants or similar then less important – there is still a role, but most value is in supporting the human agent for the foreseeable, rather than replacing.

How do you go about identifying the right use cases for AI in your business?

Balance of data availability / quality, system readiness to enable execution and size of business opportunity (importantly how much you can move the needle, not how big the area in question is). A lot of these are difficult to predict, so we need to have several projects on the go and adopt pragmatic & flexible approach. Jump on the winners and deprioritise ones which aren’t coming to fruition so quickly.

What has your approach been to ensuring successful development?

Sort data & capability. AI is almost the easy bit!

What is the most exciting AI project you have seen recently?

Exploring turning our customer data into images and running pattern recognition techniques to identify behavioural patterns which correlate to certain outcomes. A very innovative approach, the maths is well known, but application is pioneering.

If you like what you see, make sure you get involved! Check out our website for the full speaker list, agenda and ticket information. Even better, you can save 10% when you use the discount code events.ai10.

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