In the race of AI personal assistants, Microsoft and Amazon are integrating Alexa and Cortana to keep their lead on Google Home. Most recently, on Sep 25th Apple announced it dropped Bing in favor of Google search for Siri.

To learn how this game is going to play out join us to hear a dialogue between Amazon Alexa and Google Home. On Nov 3 at AI Frontiers Conference (, Director of Amazon Alexa, Ruhi Sarikaya, will join a panel with Dilek Hakkani-Tur, who is part of the brain behind Google Home.

Since Sarikaya joined Amazon Alexa, his team has been building core capabilities around ranking, natural language understanding, dialog management, contextual understanding, and personalization. At Google, Hakkani-Tur is working on Google assistant, with complex dialog management that powers Google Home.

Before this panel discussion, you will hear from Xuedong Huang, Chief Scientist of Speech and Language at Microsoft. Huang will review the effort at Microsoft on building personal assistants such as Cortana and its extensive use for Customer Support Services.

AI Frontiers Conference brings together leaders in cutting-edge AI research and development to share with you the success of current large-scale implementation and upcoming products.

Come to hear the keynote speech by Andrew Ng, Co-founder of Coursera and former Chief Scientist of Baidu. Here are highlights of the other sessions:

  • Video Understanding: Chief Scientist of Alibaba and Manager of computer vision of Facebook
  • Autonomous Driving: Engineering Lead of Uber and Sr Director of NVidia
  • AI in Games: Technical Director of Electronic Arts & Research Scientist of Facebook
  • Deep Learning Breakthrough: Sr. Scientist from Google Brain
  • Robots: CTO of Mayfield Robotics and Co-Founder of Vicarious

The conference also includes AI startup presentation and demo with leading AI investors from Andreessen Horowitz and Microsoft Ventures. 

The topics from Training Day are Natural Language Processing and Deep Reinforcement Learning by a team from Facebook.

Claim your spot at, tickets are going fast and the deadline for early bird will end soon.

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